by: ashley sega

short term & long terms of how tobacco can effect you

short term:

- can cause the nicotine into your brain which makes it too where your brain gets addict to it. this may also alow withdrawal symptoms, headaches, and nervousness

- bad breath, smelly hair, close, skin etc... this can cause no user to extract the tobacco users

-can reduce appetite & have awful taste buds this causes tobacco users to have lost their ability to enjoy their food

- heart rat and increased respiration..... while trying to do an physical activity and breathing may be more difficult for the tobacco user also nicotine may cause unsual heart rate

long terms:

-tobacco can take over the respirastory, digestive, and cardiovascular

-emphesmya a disease that can cause tiny air sacs in your lungs making hard to breathe


-hanging out with non users can help you not to use tobacco

-say no when someone offers you tobacco

- stay away from tobacco where wear tobacco products are allow to be use

your future depends on you

think about what you are doing

creating this poster made me feel that teenagers or anyone should use tobacco cause once you use it they will get addicted and thats all they are going to spend their money on because of the nicotine.