Science Of Skies

Both astronomy and astrology had their roots in the skywatching practices of the ancient Babylonians and other civilizations of the ancient. Babylonian astronomers watched as the heavenly bodies seemed to rise, move across the sky, and set. They saw that these motions occurred in cycles or patterns that were repeated daily, monthly, yearly, or at longer intervals.

Agriculture by the stars

The Greek farmers planted their crops that were mostly grapes, wheat, figs, barley and olives. They also kept animals such as cattle, goats, sheep and pigs. They fed these animals table scraps and food from that years harvest. They planted baised upon the star position and the time of year, each crop should be planted in its respected time of year.

Greeks and their numbers

The Greeks were not the first people to invent numbers but were the oldest known writings on mathematics. Geometry was introduced to the greeks in the 600-500 bc.
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Stars ⭐️

~In ancient Egypt, priests became the first practicing practical astrologers by linking religious beliefs to the apparent movements of celestial objects

~there is little convincing evidence that the ancient Egyptians constructed anything approaching the horoscope of modern astrology