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Mrs. Kelley's 3rd Grade Class Newsletter

March 2014 Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

Hello Families,

I so hope everyone has had a fun and restful Spring Break! I loved spending time with my family, especially my busy teens! Parents, embrace these elementary school years while you can, hug those sweet children while it is still "cool" to do so!

I've included many pictures this week. Students were amazing at Open House! They worked SO HARD on their inventor projects! I adored seeing their costumes, props, and posters at our Homestead Living Museum. I burst with pride when I see these pictures. I know how much time and effort most kiddos put into their projects. BRAVO!!

We also had a fun and educational field trip to see the Lewisville Lake Symphony. Your children made Homestead proud with their proper manners and attire.

We jump right back into learning this week with new units in Science, Math, and Social Studies. This Thursday is College Shirt Day. We will also continue to prepare for the upcoming STAAR tests on April 22: Math, April 23: Reading. All of the 3rd grade classes will have practice STAAR days to emulate what a real test day will look and feel like. We will have a math practice on Tuesday, March 25th and a reading practice on Thursday, March 27th.

Here is a rundown of our lessons for the week of March 17th:

Math: Topic 17 Perimeter/ Area (test on Topic 16-17 Friday)

Spelling: Lesson 21

Science: Soil

Writer's Workshop: Creative/Persuasive writing

Reader's Workshop: Hatchet, Dogzilla, Dav Pilkey, Cause/Effect

Social Studies: Maps/Waterways, Biographies, Media Literacy Project


Mon: Library (Return books on Monday)

Tue: Music

Wed: P.E.

Thur: Art

Fri: Science

Homework March 17-21:

My Third Grade Homework Kelley’s Kids

Week of March 17, 2014


__Study spelling words and activity

__STAAR Practices (due Fri)

__Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge


__Study spelling words and activity

__Dogzilla practice vocabulary

__ Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge

__Math practice


__ Study spelling words and activity

__ Dogzilla practice vocabulary

(Quiz on Thursday)

__Practice cursive

__ Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge


__ Study spelling words and activity

(Test on Friday)

__Read to accomplish 9 for 9 challenge


STAAR Practices Due

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