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November 17, 2015

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Reminder: Linden Spirit Night tonight at Panera Bread!

The Spirit Night for Linden Elementary will take place at Panera Bread 4pm - 8pm. You do not need to bring this flyer. Simply give your receipt to the LHSA representative. Hope to see you there!
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Random Acts of Kindness Day - Thursday, November 19th

The Bucks County Commissioners, in partnership with Abby’s Light Foundation, have declared Thursday, November 19th as Bucks County ’s official Random Acts of Kindness Day (RAKD). RAKD is a day in honor of Abby Schumer, a CB student who tragically lost her life to a brain tumor in 2012 at the age of 10. Abby believed in doing small, kind things for teachers, friends, and others in her life.

Students will be encouraged to practice random acts of kindness on Thursday as well as everyday! Here are some examples for the students:

*Smile and say hello.

*Tell someone a joke.

*Tell someone they are nice.

*Help Mom & Dad at home

*Be nice to your brother or sister.

*Help your teacher.

*Share something with a friend.

*Write a nice note to a friend, teacher, or parent.

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