Cougar Connection

Issue 18 Volume 2

Connecting the learning!

As you are implementing your well planned lessons remember to reflect on your data, such as your DOL's or the students' results on the independent practice. Review your fabulous lessons and look over the opportunities for the I do, we do, and you do. Modeling(I do) and guided practice (we do) are essential pieces of that bridge that connects the learning!

Lesson Plan Collaboration Continues


Every week you meet with your grade level to discuss lesson plans there are essential items that need to occur:

1) Timeliness (sense of urgency) - All grade levels need to quickly regroup in your rooms after you drop off your kids to maximize your time.

2) Lesson plans- Everyone needs a copy of the lesson plans and DOL's for this meeting to enhance collaboration.

3) Materials- Please bring materials with you that will help you understand the lesson plans, such as books to be read and used, and teacher editions, whatever is applicable.

Having these items up and present will help with your facilitation of your collaboration.


Remember 2nd -5th grades will be saving their DOL's in All In Learning.
Please save it as follows:
DOL (Section) (Subject) TEKS _________________

for example: DOL 5E Science TEKS 5.7A

Week at a Glance

Week of February 1st

12:30- Kinder ECP***Conference Room

3:20- TELPAS Meeting for designated teachers

02/02-Tuesday (Writing ACP... follow schedule Ms. Sternes provided)

8:00- ARD- Ellis


11:00- ARD- Crites

11:30- ARD-Matallana

12:30 - 2nd grade ECP**** Conference Room

3:30- ARD- Kern/Pedregon/Dorado


9:15- 3rd grade ECP- Planning

1:30- 1st grade ECP*** Conference Room


7:45- 5th grade ECP- Planning

1:30 CIC Meeting

3:20- Faculty Meeting -

02/05-Friday- Lesson Plan Collaboration Time


4:00- 6:00 Friday Night Lights (4th grade students)

*I-Station testing for K-2nd... please refer to your schedule provided by Ms. Sternes**


As decided by the Board of Trustees, 20 minute recess is now part of policy.

Things to remember:

1) 20 minutes of recess is not the part of the 30 minute lunch time

2) Go Noodle can be used as brain breaks in the classroom

3) Recess cannot be taken away as a consequence

As a campus, teachers will pick up their students on time from lunch and extended their play time outside by 10 minutes. The other minutes will be in the classroom giving them brain breaks with Go Noodle as decided by each teacher. In case of rain or inclement weather use Go Noodle in the classroom for the extra 10 minutes. Please let me know if you have any questions or need clarifications.