Mrs.Soling's Class Newsletter

By Jamie and Susie


In reading we are reading Fish In A Tree. We are enjoying it. The main character is Ally. Ally has a new teacher named Mr.Daniels.Ally can not read or write. After each chapter we go on Kid Blog to blog.
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In math we are learning multiplication. We know that anything x 0=0 and anything x 1 is equal to the other number.
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In music we are learning about the staff. The staff 5 lines. Our music teacher is Mrs Mullane.
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In p.e. we are doing activities and testing. On Thursday we did the mile run inside. Our teacher is Mr. Knotts.
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In art we are creating an African animal drawing.Our teacher is Mrs. Dase

Elf on the Shelf

This is our elf on the shelf and his name is Candy Cane. We are having fun with Candy Cane.
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In spelling we are on review week.