March 11, 2013

Agenda Items

Principal Report

  • General Updates (Climate Survey, State Assessments, KAMSA, Etc.)
  • 2013-14 Schedule Update
  • After School Program Proposal

PTO Report

  • Grade 5 Bowling, March 2

Old Business

  • District Website Update (SharpSchools)

2013-14 HMS Schedule Proposal

GRADE 5 & 6

8:00-8:20 RS

8:20-9:15 Core I

9:15-10:10 Core II

10:10-11:05 Core III

11:05-11:35 Lunch

11:35-12:08 Encore I

12:08-12:41 Encore II

12:41-1:15 Encore III

1:15-2:40 ELA

2:40-3:10 MTSS

GRADE 7 & 8

8:00-8:20 RS

8:20-9:40 Core I

9:40-11:00 Core II

11:00-12:20 Core III

12:20-12:50 Lunch

12:50-1:20 MTSS

1:20-1:57 Encore I

1:57-2:33 Encore II

2:33-3:10 Encore III

HMS After School Program Proposal

At Hesston Middle School, we believe strongly in instilling the value of responsibility into the way we approach educating students. Working to teach responsibility to our students has become one of our “Pillars” or core values that we feel will benefit students long after they leave HMS. One of the most common ways students struggle to demonstrate responsibility is by failing to complete assignments. Our staff feels that in order to teach a student that being responsible in this area is critical to his or her success through middle school, high school and beyond, we have developed a system of responding to students failing to turn in assignments.

The details of this system of response are as follows:

  1. A student fails to complete at least 70% (based on the teacher’s best judgement) of his or her assignment in a given class.
  2. The teacher places the student’s assignment in the after school program folder.
  3. The student’s teacher notifies the HMS office through a shared document of his or her required attendance at the “after school program” and the student will have a designated time to come to the office to call home notifying parents of his or her attendance after school. This call will take place in the presence of an office staff member to verify communication was made.
  4. The student will report to the designated after school program location by 3:15 pm.
  5. The student will be required to complete the assignment in a satisfactory way as determined by the after school program facilitator prior to leaving.
  6. The after school program facilitator will collect all remaining students’ assignments by 4:00 pm in order to check progress. The facilitator will distribute the completed assignments to the appropriate teacher(s).
  7. If a student fails to complete the entire assignment during the hour, he or she will either complete the assignment at home and turn it in the following day or will attend the after school program again the following day to complete the assignment.
  8. If an assigned student chooses not to attend the mandatory after school program or chooses to not work on the unfinished assignment during the after school program, he or she will be subject to disciplinary procedures as determined by the HMS administration and falling within our approach to Responsibility-Centered Discipline procedures.

Our goal with this program is twofold. First, we expect our students to be responsible with their classwork and to give their best effort in all areas related to their academics. Second, the HMS staff feels that it is vital for students to complete the assigned work in order to accomplish the learning objective in the most thorough way possible. Our staff focus will be to gear assignments and classwork in a way that completion will result in increased learning of essential objectives. Hesston Middle School has a tradition of promoting the highest of academic and character expectations and this approach supports these important ideas.

District Website Update

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