Mandi Halteman

An Introduction Into My Life!

My Life

There are many important factors that play a role in my life. Family is the most important thing in my life; they are always there when I need them and I know I can always count on them. My friends and boyfriend help me through life and help me make the best memories! Education is also a huge part in my life. Millersville has impacted my life greatly and I hope to impact the lives of my students as a future teacher in the way Millersville has effected mine!

More on class...

Because I have been working since I was fifteen, I was able to learn at an early age that money certainly does not grow on trees. My parents, too, also started working at a very young age and felt it was important to have me learn important money values and lessons. Once I was working, I was able to learn the hard way to budget my income. I purchased my own car, paid for gas, helped to pay some of my bills, and was in charge of buying any presents for others and luxuries for myself. It wasn't until last year around this time that I began to get an small taste of real world finances. I was attending school as a full time student, just working an on campus job and a part time job. I had rent to pay for, monthly bills, gas to factor in, a winter class and book fees, and somehow had to afford Christmas presents for friends and family. Although it was overwhelming and stressful at points, I managed my finances and push through that time with not even a dime to spare. A year later, I am able to say I have been able to better manage my finances and was able to learn from the mistake last year. I have come to value what I make and better manage what I bring in.