Grad Pad

Created by Trevor Tabuena


The Grad Pad is a tablet-like teaching/learning aid to be used in class during lectures. The Grad Pad would give students a more hands on learning experience and gives them another reason to pay attention to the lecture. The professor would have a master pad that could be used to issue questions about the lesson to the class, such as math problems, short answer writing prompts, quizzes, or just a question about part of the lecture, and could use the results toward a small part of the student’s grade. This is a great way to take attendance and would reward students who come to class and pay attention to the lecture.

The need for The Grad Pad is student attendance and participation that would lead to better test scores from staying focused in lectures, therefore, a greater understanding of the course material. A classroom set of tablets would be required with the only precedent being the ‘iClicker’.