Number the Stars

Lois Lowry

Reviewed by: Ashley, Mia, Katie, Riley

Number the Stars

The book Number the Stars takes place in Denmark, during the 1943 Nazi invasion otherwise known as the Holocaust. Annemarie is a young and brave girl who lives in the heart of Copenhagen during the dreaded world war two. Annemarie’s best friend, Ellen is jewish and Annemarie and her family has to do whatever it takes to save Ellen and her family from this terrible, terrible time. When the Nazi’s get hold of a list from Ellen’s Rabbi they are forced to go into hiding, but Ellen is left behind with Annemarie’s family. Where are her parents being taken to? Are they actually safe? Does Ellen’s family succeed in escaping the Nazi’s or do the Nazi’s catch Ellen’s family? Read the book to find out!

We love this book and want to share our opinions with you. Some of the things we liked were, how the author told what the Nazi’s actually did during the Holocaust. We also liked how the author described the deaths and didn’t keep it too mysterious. We also enjoyed how this book had a realistic ending instead of a happy ending.

We highly recommend this fascinating novel Number the Stars for grades three to nine, because the subject of this book is very hard-hitting. This book is hard-hitting because of the topic that the author chose (Holocaust). We also recommend this book for its vocabulary and how the author wrote it so detailed. Another reason is because the author made it so realistic as if you were in the book, like when you read the first page, it sucks you in and grabs your attention.