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Attractive Rentals in Costa Brava

With affordable location en Costa Brava, Espagne, you can easily enjoy a luxurious holiday in a beautiful seaside resort. Despite different accommodation options, a self-catering holiday home is preferred for its privacy and excellent facilities.

In the stunning holiday homes in Costa Brava, you will enjoy comforts of home along with plenty of Mediterranean sunshine. A short distance from the beach, these holiday homes are ideally suited for beach vacations in Spain.

Holiday Rentals in Costa Brava

Location en Costa Brava en Espagne depends upon the time of your visit to the seaside resort. While the larger and more popular resorts attract visitors throughout the year, the smaller coastal towns and villages receive visitors largely during the summer months. The demand for rentals is reflected in the rents of the villas. There are significant seasonal variations in the rents. Nevertheless, the average villa rent is affordable. For a family vacation on the beach, there are numerous holiday homes for four to six people in the Costa Brava resorts. For holidaying with friends, there are several large villas for eight or more people. Hence, holiday rentals in Costa Brava are suitable for all types of vacationers.

Where to Go in Costa Brava

With excellent beaches dotting the coastline, Costa Brava is one of the most popular beach vacation destinations in Spain. It offers numerous fascinating seaside resorts. There are lively resorts with developed beaches as well as calm seaside villages with unspoiled beaches. To enjoy the beach and the sea in your own way, you will easily find an appropriate coastal town or village in Costa Brava. The resorts in southern Costa Brava are highly versatile. The holiday towns of Lloret de Mar, Tossa de Mar and Blanes attract families with children as well as groups of youngsters. The resorts in the central and northern municipalities are calmer. Nonetheless, during the summer holidays, even the less visited areas of Costa Brava witness an upsurge in tourism.

Attractions of Holiday Villas

Booking a beautiful holiday home is the first step in ensuring a memorable vacation in Costa Brava. A holiday home impresses visitors with its exterior features and comfortable interior. The exterior of a holiday home usually boasts of traditional country house-style elements that blend with the rustic setting of the coastal villages and towns. Relaxing by the side of the villa pool with a refreshing drink is the best way of enjoying a blissful vacation.

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