Acres of Land for Sale!!

We find the land, to give you a Hand!!

Company: San Acres Retail

The Colonization Laws

Some laws are that you cannot have more than 10 slaves with you. You must be the age of 15 to own some land. You also must have a clean record, no criminal records. You most also pay up front, no I.O.U 's allowed. Your land will be sold if your property goes into debt.

Shop til' You Drop Acres avaliable!!!

Its only $500 dollars for 2,000 acres! And to make this offer special, for every 10,000 purchased, you recieve 1,000 free!

Where is This Located?

This land is located off the San Antonio River, right near San Antonio. It is located in the Gulf Coastal Plains.

What's the Benefits???

The best thing is there is so many! There is land to support you busy towns and farming areas that you can create! You are also protected, by the accompining free fencing provided around your land. Your land is your responsibility, so you get to choose who comes and resides on your property. You can host your own trading stands to receive income.