1P Newsletter

Term 1

Week 10

  • Tuesday - Our PBL lesson for this week is about unsafe play.
  • Mrs Bartlett will be teaching the class until 12, as I will be spending the morning planning for next term with Ms Gould and Ms Vernon.
  • athletics training - sports uniform
  • March Snapshot Reports issued.

  • Wednesday - buddy class activity
  • interviews

  • Thursday - library

  • Friday - sport
  • 8.20am choir practice in Ms Gould's room, for children attending the Anzac Day service

Coming Events

Friday 1 April - Disco

Saturday 2 April - working bee at the school

Tuesday 5 April - Responsible Pet Program K-2

Thursday 7 April – SRC Mufti day for Chloe Saxby

Friday 8 April - Anzac Day Ceremony 10.45am, last day of Term 1.

In class this week:

In maths we will be revising addition facts and turnarounds. The children will be introduced to addition to two digits and take away stories. In spelling we will be learning about words that have the sound 'o' as in 'orange' and 'a' as in 'watch'. In science we will be sharing experiences of the push of air.

I look forward to seeing parents for interviews.

Regards, Kerrie