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Junior English, Senior CCR, and All Things Middle College

Middle College Update 5/1/15

Hello, Families--

Happy May Day!We are thrilled to welcome May! April was a very long month for us teachers, but at the end of it all we have a very full junior and senior class for next year and all students' schedules figured out (now we just need to catch up on grading). We're ready for registration to open on Monday! Only three weeks of instruction left, then a short week of finals. Here comes summer!


Current juniors should by now have their schedule planned! I have told them that if they are missing a class or if there is a conflict that I will choose what I believe to be a good class for them to secure a class in their schedule. We can always make small class changes later, but it's best to start with a complete schedule.

Parents, please ask your student to go over with you their prospective course selections this weekend. As I am scheduling, I will be reviewing all schedules to make sure each is meeting graduation requirements and is on track for college goals, so don't worry about that.

Courses available HERE and by now are widely available as hard copies at libraries and around campus.

Seniors staying here and transferring

Seniors who will continue here need to complete the college application as if they are a first time student and indicate that they are graduating from high school in June. They should also make an appointment to meet with a college counselor to update their SEP. They will register themselves for summer and fall classes on May 4 (websmart opens at 7am!).

Seniors going on to a four-year college in the fall

A gentle reminder that college admissions offers may be rescinded if grades drop in spring semester. Sadly, we've heard from students who had their offers of admission cancelled in July once the college received their final transcripts. Read these FAQs from UCSC, for example. So work hard for 6 more weeks, crush your finals, and then you can celebrate! Additionally, do not take a summer class without first getting written consent from your future college (better yet...take the summer off and enjoy!)


Time to register for the SAT and/or the ACT!

Register online using the home school ID (Carlmont 050270, M-A 050170, Sequoia 052605, Woodside 053808).

Fee waivers are available at the home high school in the College and Career Center -- these not only waive the fees for the tests, but will also waive application fees for UC and CSU next year, so it is worth it to ask if you may qualify!

Be sure to remember SAT/ACT account login information, as it will be needed during the college application process.

Wondering which to take? The difference between the ACT and SAT and ACT vs SAT

ACT--To test on June 13th, registration deadline is May 8, 2015

SAT--To test on June 6th, registration deadline is May 8, 2015

There are practice tests in the CCR view folder; also check out Khan Academy SAT prep.

College Fairs

WACAC’s annual College Fairs provides students with the opportunity to meet representatives from colleges and universities from all over the country and beyond.

Mission College is hosting the College Fair on Thursday, May 7th, 10am-noon and 6-8pm in the gym.

Cal State East Bay is hosting the WACAC College Fair on Friday, May 8th from 9:30am-noon.

More info here.

Mark your calendar

May 26-June 1 -- FINALS

May 28 -- End of the year recognition celebration! Everyone invited! 3pm in the Theater.

Finals Schedule!

5/25--Memorial Day holiday--no school

5/26 College Finals

8:10-10:40 FINAL for 9:35/9:45/10:10 M-Th, T Th, T, Th classes

MC FINALS: English

5/27 College Finals

8:10-10:40 FINAL for 9:10 MWF, MW, daily classes

11:10-1:40 FINAL for 11:10 MWF, MW, M-Th, daily classes

MC FINALS: Social Studies

5/28 College Finals

8:10-10:40 FINAL for 8:10 T Th, T, Th classes

11:10-1:40 FINAL for 11:10 T Th, T, Th classes

End of year celebration!

Theater, 3-5pm

5/29 College Finals

8:10-10:40 FINAL for 9:35/9:45/10:10 MWF, MW, daily classes

6/1 College Finals

8:10-10:40 FINAL for 8:00/8:10 MWF, MW, M-Th, daily classes

11:10-1:40 FINAL for all other classes

2:10-4:40 FINAL for 8:00/8:10 F classes

Return ALL college texts!

Info For Summer/Next Year

The summer session is from June 15- July 23. Students need to keep in mind that in the summer the drop date comes very quickly--in some cases, the drop date is the first day of class. Make sure you notify me immediately if your plans change. You can look at the summer and fall schedule here.

Students enrolling in online classes should check their my.smccd email accounts and WebAccess for the syllabus, course information and materials.

A reminder for those taking summer classes: during summer tuition is waived, but families are responsible for the cost of the college textbooks.

Our fall semester begins on Aug. 10. College classes begin the following week, on Aug 17, so those first few days we will have orientation, get books, and discuss the summer reading, My Beloved World.

Counselors are assigned to students alphabetically by last name. Right now it looks as if I will keeping my same set of juniors into senior year. For a few students on the cusp, keep in mind that if the alphabet shifts a bit you may have another counselor next year; however, each of us is always available to counsel students about anything at any time. The assigned counselor is mainly responsible for keeping track of graduation requirements and submitting schedules.