Corinne's Bachelorette: ANNAPOLIS

... Champagne, Navymen, and the last rites of Single-dom ...

Here comes the Bride ------------------> the Future Mrs. Corinne Still

Corinne and Ryan are officially tying the knot in a few short months at what is sure to be a beautiful Cape Cod wedding. Lets journey to Annapolis, MD to bid farewell to the wild and crazy ways of Single Corinne [tear] and celebrate her upcoming nuptials!

Corinne's Bachelorette Weekend

Friday, June 28th 2013 at 5pm to Sunday, June 30th 2013 at 2pm

Annapolis, MD

Annapolis, MD



Fri Evening: Arrival times will vary; let me know if you are very EARLY/LATE

  • Dinner -> TBD. Casual and convenient. Possibly pizza/salads. Ideas welcome!
  • Games (aka: pre-gaming), and BAR CRAWL through Annapolis


  • Mimosas, Breakfast at the B&B in our Parlor: Lingerie Boudoir
  • Explore Ego Alley and enjoy the Annapolis sights and shops
  • Lunch cruise around Annapolis Bay on a private sailboat Charter, 12:30-3:30PM
  • Dinner at Level
  • Wine bar, Red Red Wine and whatever bar looks the most fun :)

Sunday: Brunch at the Back Porch Cafe
  • Departure is at your convenience

** See below if you are concerned about any of the details above. Also, input from Annapolis veterans is welcomed. The bar crawl will involve many of the classics on the nearby bar strip and everything is walking distance **


Saturday, June 29th 2013 at 12:30-3:30pm

1651 Orchard Beach Rd

Annapolis, MD

We embark on a private sailing charter for the afternoon. We will have a selection of red and white wines and snacks. We can plan to pick up sandwiches prior and bring them on the boat. Big thanks to Captain Phil and the crew of the Pintita for giving us a FREE THIRD HOUR on the boat!!
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Looking forward to seeing everyone on June 28th!!

Please don't hesitate to contact me, Heather Melville, the MOH, with any questions, concerns, ideas, recommendations, etc (908-883-0624).

Corinne, we are all so excited to share in this with you and celebrate you and Ryan and your future life together!