What is Psychology?

The scientific study of the human mind and its functions.


What Is Neuroscience ?

Well Neuroscience is the scientific study of a nervous system.
  • Considered Biology
  • Includes the Brain, Spinal Cords, and Networks of Sensory Nerve Cells
  • Neuroanatomists
  • Developmental Neuroscientist
Sam Harris - Neuroscience vs Afterlife

Neuroscience Vs Afterlife

This Short Clip Is Just a Debate with Sam Harris On Neuroscience and the Afterlife which can be very questionable for Religious centered people, as well as scientist.


As I was Scrolling Down on my Home computer I noticed a header that was very interesting a group of words interpreted as a Question

"Monkey see, monkey kill: The evolutionary roots of lethal combat"

Hmm....... Are monkeys Keened to Kill? This goes to show where the saying "Monkey see Monkey Do comes from" so based on these questions would a human be considered a monkey? Well according to Many Brilliant Scientist Evolution means "Something changes into a More Complex or better form" so to say If I am more attracted to bananas like most monkeys are would that be a sign of evolution, I am Attracted to my traditional food but I have evolved into a better form ; A Human.

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Apes To Humans

This video is an animated Depiction on how life was as humans begun there evolving.

Behavior Genetics

Behavior genetics talks about the basis of Behavior being hereditary, but most scientist see behaviors being adapted due to the lack of a missing parent, or some other outside thing that will affect how a human co-signs to society ; say for instance a baby sees a hot Arn his/her first instinct is to touch it, the consequence would be a scarred finger, so the second time him/her sees it ; they would ignore it because there environment had a factor in the behavior they had towards the Arn.
Behavioral Genetics: Why should I care?


The Psycho-dynamic approach was a belief Made by Sigmund Freud. His belief was that we have 4 different sectors in our mind the Conscious, Unconscious, Super-Ego, and Ego which shapes the way we see our environment and how we react to it.
Psychodynamic Approach


Cognitive has to deal with all of the sensible things such as memory, reasoning, evaluating, and problem solving. It deals with the intellectual side of psychology, and how our brain reacts to these things.
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Social Cultural

Social Cultural is the influence ones culture has on him/her, say for instance I was An Arabian Female Would I be socially Segregated from society because its my right to wear my cultures Ceremonial Hijab.
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