Summer Reading

Where Men Win Glory by Jon Krakauer

Character Analisys

Where Men Win Glory , tells the story of a brave and courageous man by the name of Pat Tillman. He was faced with a life or death decision, Pursuing what he worked for his entire national football league career or serving and protecting the great nation that fights so that we can live everyday. pat was a rising star on the Arizona Cardinals but after the 2001 season and 9/11 attack he decided to stop playing football and join the Army. By doing this he turned down a 3.6 million dollar contract. Growing up Pat was all about doing things. When he was not on the football field he was in nature performing risky and deadly actions such as cliff diving and mountain climbing . Pat always kept his journal on him throughout his span in the army. He wrote about his family and friends . Although pat was a big and popular figure in college he always talked to students about his interests in politics and government. Pat was not your average college football player, he was a leader not only on the field but In the classroom. He graduated with high honers. Pat Tillman was not your average stereotypical football player. He didn't live for the money, he lived for life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

Theme and Setting

The development of theme plays a major role in " Where Men Win Glory" . Pat stuck to his morals and what he thought was right. Pat believed that it was his duty to serve and protect the nation who fought to protect him as he lived his professional career. Another example of theme is unselfishness, pat didn't care about the money or the cars. He gave up millions of dollars in honor of his country. Pat was also a loyal and loving man. Even though he knew he was risking his life by enlisting in the Army, he continued to stay married even if he was across the world. One setting in the story is New Almaden, California . This was pats hometown and where he came from, it's where he developed into not only a great football player but a better man. Another setting was the last place pat ever lived, Afghanistan. On April 22, 2004 he died, the army first said that it was due to a gunshot wound during a firefight but weeks later it was discovered that was a lie and that the death was from friendly fire. It is said that they were trying to protect the image of the United States Army Rangers.


Overall in my eyes I would recommend this book to any American who wants to see the true meaning of bravery and what should be the ideal vision of the American dream. Jon krakeaur does a great job of blending Pat Tillman's life with the history of the war on terror in Afghanistan . I would also recommend this to any football player. This story teaches you life lessons that will carry on with you forever .
Remembering Pat Tillman