Sparkle Puggs!

Grand Opening!!!

We want your boots and your pug to look woofterfull!!!

Are you that kind of person who is totally obsessed with your Pug? Ever wonder why they dont make matching boots for you and you Pug? Well dont wonder anymore, come to Sparkle Puggs and get some awesome Pink Puggs!

Here are some of our awesome products:

Come visit Sparkle Puggs!

Here are ten of our wagged items:

The Dog Bone $12.99

The Bear Cubs $49.99 for the set.

Fierce $60.00

Oldies up do $60.00

Supporting with Pink $75.00

Sporty Shorty $55.00

Black out $50.00

Certain Rainbow $60.00

Knit kid $50.00

Eskimo $40.00

We are in Netherlands!

We are open Monday/Friday 11-5pm. Saturdays 12-3pm.

Make sure to email us your favorite item and you will get a coupon!

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