Demographic Comparison

On Russia and the Philippines

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Why are their age structures different? How?

Russia (Source)

- 143.5 million people

-13.1 deaths/1,000 population

  • The female population is bigger than the male population compared to both Russia and Philippines.
  • There are more newborn boys than girls each year, and men continue to outnumber women until age 31. But from age 32 onward, there are more women than men, with the gap widening every year.

- The proportion of women in Russia started to rise during World War I, and the growth continued through the Russian civil war, famine and the "Great Terror" in the Soviet Union. According to the 1939 census, there were 91.9 men for every 100 women in Russia. Then World War II had a devastating effect on the population of the Soviet Union, with a disproportionate number of men falling in the conflict.

- The gap started to grow again in the 1990's because of early mortality among men. Most men who die young in Russia do so because of drinking and alcohol-related incidents, this was reported by Health Minister Veronika Skvortsova from last year.

- A lot of Russia is not quite at all Urbanized unlike the Philippines.

Philippines (Source)

-98.39 million population

-4.92 deaths/1,000 population

  • Both sex (Female & Male) have about almost the same age structures as each other. Unlike Russia's where one sex (Female) is more prominent than the other.
  • Because of their increase in urbanization the people of the Philippines gain more access to the technology provided for them to survive more in future.
  • The life expectancy's in the youth is more positive than in Russia.

- The possible reason behind the equal age structure is the urban-rural migration of youth in the Philippines. Which would mean the youth at the time would gain access to advanced medical properties to survive, and live in a hub where supplies can be quickly transported in and out for the demand in consumers.

- And because of this more and more of the less urbanized areas in the Philippines become populated and emerge to become urbanized for the people.

Three Exam Questions

  1. What is one supporting advancement that helps with the even age structures in the Philippines?
A) Continue living in the rural farming land

B) Living in isolation

C) Living in a Urban city

D) Living in a urban-rural area

E) Both (C) & (D)


2. What is one reason why young men in Russia are dying?

A) Car crashes

B) Under the influence instances (Alcohol)

C) Increase in homicide

D) Suicide


3. ______ generation are moving to urbanized areas in the Philippines to live.

A) Young

B) Baby Boomer

C) Eldest

D) Immigration