Harry Hippo

Alex Ogren

"Rise and shine sleepy hippo, we have a long day ahead of us." Harry slowly sat up to see his mothers smiling face. "Good morning Harry," said his mother, " Good morning momma," replied Harry in a sleepy voice. Harry had a long day ahead of him. First he has to clean his room. Then, he has to mow the grass, and then after a long day at work he gets to play with his friend Garry goat. While Harry will be working on his chores his momma will be at work.

Harry was the perfect kid. He never did anything wrong until one day, the day that he had to clean his room and mow the grass. He knew that his momma wouldn't be home for three more hours and he was very eager to play with Garry goat. His momma had given him permission to play with Garry, after he had finished his work. But Harry thought that it wouldn't hurt if he played with Garry and then did his chores.

Harry knew he had to be home by six o'clock because his mom was going to be home at seven o'clock and he had to clean his room and mow the lawn. But Harry lost track of time. Harrys momma called Garry's mom and asked if Harry was there. Harry was, he knew he was going to be in trouble and he was.