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The power of Breannnastan is held in the Central government. There is one ruler that makes all the laws and everyone has to follow what the ruler says. The ruler rules every aspect of your life, what you wear, what your job will be and how many kids each person can have. If anyone shall break the laws or not do as the ruler wants they will be asked to leave right away. Breannastan is pure Democrat. Breannastan has a population of 150,000 and everyone in Breannastan Speaks English. Breannastan has no allies because of being a dictatorship. Breannastan is known for there fish products, palm trees and is also known for having no conflicts in the country due to the dictator ship.
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Breannastan is located in the Pacific ocean, where the state Hawaii is. Breannastan is strictly surrounded by the Pacific Ocean where there is no one bordering it. The power is distributed by a unitary power. Where Breanna Vaske is the founder and creator of Breannastan. Only the leader controls everyone's aspect of life. There is only 4 cities in Breannastan: Vaske Village, Breanna Central, Bre-apolis, and Maeville. There is no rural towns.

Life in Breannastan

Where Breannastan is warm year around, there is a dress code that the people of Breannastan have to follow. If the temps after anything below 75 degrees the people have to wear any sort of pants that covers all there legs for example, Jeans or leggings, and with that they have to wear long sleeved. Any degree above 75 the people have to wear dresses and/or shorts with tank tops.

In Breannastan there is a limit to having children. Each married couple can have up to two children. If there is a person who is single and wishes to have a child they can only have one due to if they find someone who already has a kid and gets married to them.

With living in Breannastan everyone who lives there has to have a job. The leader assigns each person one when they move there. The jobs start at a pay of $7.50/hr. and the jobs very by what they look like and what they can handle. If a person is not fit for the job the leader assigns a new one, there is no way of getting out of a job. The only wealthy people are the ones that work in the central office for the ruler, the wealthiest person in Breannastan is of course Breanna.