Civil Engineering

By: Grace K.

What is Civil Engineering?

Engineering is a branch of science and technology. It deals with designing and building. They also can study machines and structures. So Civil Engineering is just a wide range of fields in design and construction of physical and natural structures. They build lay out parking lots, bridges, skyscrapers, even some monuments.

Types of Civil Engineers

Education of Civil Engineers

OK. This one's a little tricky. Because Civil engineering is such a broad field, for each individual one you need to know different things. Here's some basics though. Firstly, mathematics is really important. You will want to take advanced classes in high school such as calculus or trigonometry. You also might want to put into account computers because that will help you strive as a civil engineer too. If you study climate and where to build something, science might be right for you too. Once again, there is such a wide range of jobs in Civil Engineering, so you just need to know what will help you in that field of it.

How does Civil Engineers Change the World

Civil Engineering Motivational Video
Please watch this video from the beginning to the 1:06 minute mark. It is a really cool video of some of the things civil engineers did and still do for us. If your in a school right now, a Civil Engineer designed the structure. That's why it is still standing today. Even your home was designed by a Civil Engineer. You might not of known they existed until now, but a lot of things around you are because of them.

Daily life of a Civil Engineers