Alex Rogers

Do what you want, your gonna die anyway.

What I did yesterday

I went to work for a few hours at Homestead Farm and Garden. After I got off I went to my boyfriends house and fell asleep. When I woke up we ate food and I went home.

Something I do well

Im really good at cooking, racing, and taking care of kids. When I go to Ohio during the summer I always end up taking care of my little sister and brother. I love to cook for them and play with them.


When I was a child I would spend one week with my mom and one with my dad. When I was with my mom I was usually climbing trees or be in the forest somewhere with friends. When I was with my dad I usually worked on cars with him or watched cartoons.

Something I learned last week

I didn't do much last week. I mainly went to friends houses and played with my pigs. When I did come to school I was in math and we had to come back friday because the teacher screwed up. The only thing I think I learned last week is to aim better when jumping onto a trampoline.

I can't live without

I can't live without music. I will always listen to music no matter what I'm doing. I especially love listening to music when people I don't like are talking to me. I love listening to music when it's really really loud.

The music I listen to

I listen to almost everything. I mainly listen to rock n' roll and screamo. My favorite bands are Pierce the Veil, Sleeping With Sirens, Panic at The Disco, Green Day, and Queen. If I'm listening to music it will most likely be very loud.
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It's one of my favorite songs By: Pierce The Veil