Madison, Kat, Addison

Before The Sit-Ins?

The sit-ins were very significant to the movement. They symbolized a change in the mood of African-American people. Up until then, we had accepted segregation. We had spoken against it, we had made speeches, but no one had defied segregation. At long last after decades of acceptance, four students at North Carolina went into Woolworth and at the lunch counter they "sat-in."

Who, What, When?

February 1, 1960 is the day when the civil rights movement had gained strong momentum. Four african american college students had walked into a whites-only lunch diner to order cofee. Then their serivice was refused but the four students sat and waited patiently to be served.The four african american students felt that they should be treated equally.These students were in Greensboro, North Carolina. This was the first of the Sit-Ins.

The Civil Rights Movement

This event contributed to the civil rights movement because it was the first step to stop segregation. This lead to future events by giving blacks equal rights.


How were people effected?

This event caused african americans to have the same equal rights. Which was a major event to the Civil Rights Movement as a whole. The sit-ins spread and more people were doing things similar to what the four students were doing.