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No bullying today.. A better tomorrow

Make a difference for all the different

Everywhere we go we see it happen. Whether it is at school, at the work place or at the local playground, it is so common and that is what worries us most. It is known as bullying. There is and will never be a situation where bullying is tolerated. If you are a bully stop it before it is too late and if you are a victim, know that you are not alone and we are here to help you. Our goal is to make people understand what bullying really is and the deadly consequences which come along with it. Please join us at our live show where we will speak up against bullying and its many dangers and welcome a special guest artist who will sing for us and tell us their very own personal story of their first hand experience with bullying. Join us today and bring your support for all those who really need it!

Take a Stand Lend a Hand

Saturday, Jan. 17th, 2-5:30pm

300 City Centre Drive

Mississauga, ON


2:00 - 2:30 - Public Speech w/t short visual presentation

2:35 - 3:15 - Games and Contests/Prizes ( Best anti bullying poem, pin the tail on the bully)

3:20 - 4:20 - Special anti bullying all you can buffet

4:25 - 5:25 - Live concert with Demi Lovato

Everything you need to know about bullying

Who are the victims?

Generally, you find that people who are unassertive, timid, naïve, vulnerable and just plain different than the average crowd are easy targets for bullying. A victim could be anyone, a student, a child, an adult, a teen, and even a teacher.

What is Bullying?

Bullying is unwanted aggressive behavior that involves a real or a perceived power imbalance. This behavior is usually repeated over time or has the potential to be repeated.

When does it occur?

Bullying can happen for a number of reasons. It could be a fight between friends or a misunderstanding between individuals. When people are stressed or angry they tend to take it out on other or it could be very intentional when someone holds a grudge/ dislike towards another person.

Where does it occur?

Bullying can take place just about anywhere. At your school, a classroom, at home, the workplace, a playground because you find all kinds of people every where you go.

Why does it occur?

A person can become a bully for a number of reasons. They don't like that specific person or hold a personal grudge and to get back at them, they choose to harass them. In other cases they might find bullying fun and believe that it will make them popular. Some might just bully to feel tough/ strong or in control or want to release their anger out on someone.

Types of bullying?

Bullying comes in many forms. You don't necessary have to punch someone to bully them, there are other ways, some so discreet that one might not even know they are bullying someone until it is too late. The different type of bullying include Physical, Cyber, Social, Racial, Verbal, Psychological, and lastly Sexual.

Consequences of Bullying

Effects of Bullying ( Short and long term) - Victims

  • Depression/ Anxiety
  • Changes in sleeping/ eating patterns
  • loss of interest in daily activities
  • health complaints
  • decreased academic achievement
  • feelings of sadness/ helplessness
  • miss/ skip/ drop out of school
  • suicidal thoughts and behavior

Effects of Bullying ( Short and ling term) - Bullies

  • Abuse alcohol/ drugs ( adolescence and adults)
  • get into fights, vandalize property
  • miss/ skip/ dropout of school
  • criminal convictions
  • be abusive in future relationships ( spouses, kids)
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What you can do: Start making change happen. Treat everyone with respect, protect yourself from cyberbullying and be internet friendly, stand up for others and finally get involved!

How to know if you brought about positive change?

My event "Take a Stand, Lend a Hand" has a purpose of bringing forth the importance of anti-bullying and how to bring positive change and offer help to all those who need it. I would only have accomplished that if many people attend and together we come up with solutions to end bullying. I want to hear everyone's opinions on the matter as well as their personal experiences and beliefs so that I can get better understanding of what thoughts they hold on the matter. Through our speeches and games I hope to entertain the audience as well as raise their awareness and increase their understanding about bullying and how we can work with today's generation to put an end to it. If my event is successful enough and everyone enjoys it, people will want to host their own anti-bullying events and clubs which will educate more people and through that we can spread the message and bring forth change. Through these events and clubs we can show bully victims that they are not alone and maybe this one simple action can save a life.