Our School Has a Problem

The Problem

I believe we all can agree that here at Saline High School, it is common to see couples doing public displays of affection, or PDA, in the hallways. Normally, we try to ignore it and let the happy couples be happy. But sometimes, it becomes a problem for the rest of us for different reasons. Whether your reasoning be that they are blocking your path to your next class or that you would rather keep your eyes shielded and innocent, we need a solution to this problem. We need to get a point across to those who are part of the dating pool here, and we have an experiment to attempt this.

The Solution

This may not be an actual solution to the problem, but it should certainly get a point across or at least make people think about it. Our idea is called the PDA box. Now, don't get repelled by that until you hear what it's all about. The way this will work is we will tape a large square on the floor somewhere in the school, most likely the main hallway. If two people happen to walk into this square at the same time, they would be obligated to do some form of PDA. This means that two complete strangers could accidentally run into this box and a very awkward moment could ensue. We would be hanging around nearby to spectate and catch the reactions of students to this experiment. We would think (and hope) that everyone who encounters this box is sensible enough to know not to actually go through with performing PDA with a random stranger. Overall, the message we would like to get across is that if you wouldn't kiss a stranger in the hallway in front of multiple other strangers, then don't be kissing anyone in the hallway in front of strangers. With less students being all kissy-lovey in the hallways, we can all get to where we need to be quicker, and hopefully keep our eyes shielded.

Don't Take It The Wrong Way

We're not hating on couples for being happy and having fun. We're happy for y'all! But there are certain displays of affection that most of us would agree should stay behind closed doors. Obviously, things along the lines of hugging, hand-holding, and a peck on the cheek are okay to do in public. But things past that can, quite frankly, disturb some of us. What we hope to get out of this experiment is to make the hallways a more appropriate place again.