CR West News & Notes ~ June 20th

To Know God and Make Him Known

Get Alone & Pray

Did you know that Jesus frequently withdrew to pray? The Bible tells us in Luke 5 that Jesus often sought to escape the crowds, withdraw, and pray to His Heavenly Father. I don't know about you, but these summer days often find me struggling to maintain my normal time of withdraw and prayer. My kids are often up later than usual at night, and fun in the sun tends to drain me of my resolve. Our family routines are all out of whack, and I find myself struggling to maintain my quiet time in the face of the chaotic (yet fun) days of summer. I am reminded that Jesus was purposeful in his intent to separate himself from the crowds and pray. Imagine how the needs, the requests, the questions of the people must have surrounded Him. He was pushed on from every side, yet in His wisdom He knew that the answer wasn't to serve the people endlessly but rather to submit to His Father. He was intentional and purposeful about His quiet time with God; may we be the same. Jesus left needs unmet and plans unfulfilled to spend time with God. Lord, help us to seek your Kingdom first and love you with our whole hearts. Help us to retreat and sit at your feet so that we may receive the fullness of your grace and glory.

My New Address

We are officially moved into our new house!

My new address in Crystal Valley Ranch is....

5721Golden Field Lane

CR, 80104

Cell number is the same (740.632.8749) and home number is also useful since my cell phone coverage here is minimal at best. 720.536.5316.

I am able to get text messages through our Wifi, so keep the texts coming. :)

Registration & Tuition

Registration papers and fees are now due. Thank you to everyone who has turned them in and tried to turn them in despite my recent move. I appreciate your grace and patience with me!

Please note that payment in full (tuition and supply fee) is due JULY 20th. Facility fee will be determined soon and payment #1 will be due August 31st.

Childcare cost will be determined this summer and is decided by moms who are participating in the program.

You can snail mail me the paperwork and check, payable to Margaret Benton. You can also leave it in my breadbox or dairy box on my front porch.

Thank you!

Book Club & Potluck

Wednesday, June 22nd, 11:30am-1:30pm

1701 Crystal Valley Parkway

Castle Rock, CO

Joint Playdate with CR Northeast (Crowfoot)

Monday, June 27th, 10:30am-12:30pm

6145 Sapphire Pointe Boulevard

Castle Rock, CO

Join us for some fun in the sun with our sister campus, CR Northeast. All are welcome, so bring a friend!