Social Phobia

By Lauren R


A type of anxiety problem, a state of uneasiness, apprehension, and future uncertainties

Signs & Symptoms:

  1. Extreme Shyness
  2. Self-Consciousness
  3. Feeling Embarrassed
  4. Dread of Social Activities
  5. Only Interact Easily with Family and a Few Close Friends
  6. Physical sensation of fear, faster heartbeat and breathing
  7. Not talking

Other Names:

Social Anxiety

Selective mutism - Person is so shy they are fearful of even talking so they don't speak

How It Affects People:

  • Thoughts and fears about what others think get exaggerated in their minds
  • Start to focus on the embarrassing things that could happen instead of the good ones
  • Feeling lonely or disappointed about missed opportunities for friendship and fun.
  • Not getting the most out of school
  • Missing the chance to share their talents and learn new skills
  • Extreme shyness and self-consciousness build into a powerful fear

How It's diagnosed:

By therapists, family, and friends

How It's treated:


  1. Help face fears
  2. Build confidence
  3. Possibly medication
  4. Build new skills
Family/ friends:

  1. support
  2. Encourage to pick small goals to aim for\
  3. Don't use putdowns, lectures, or demands to change