The painted turtle

Logan vaughn

Logan Vaughn

There once was a turtle that was mostly blue, but had a rainbow color on his stomach. His name was blue, and He loved to take a morning stroll in the jungle, with his best friend Pete. Blue was really shy, but still loved other animals. "Hey blue come check this out" Pete said, "what is it", "a golden egg", "yeah right", I trotted over to him. My mouth dropped as I saw a big fat golden shiny egg right in front of me, then I noticed something there was a tiny piece of writing on it it said "Blue if you ever find this egg it will show you the path to take to find me I was taken to a witches hut follow the map on the egg that will lead you to me, sincerely grandpa". "We have to find him" said Pete "I know, where's the map", "Under the egg ", "got it" "let's go". It's said take the path to the right and that will take you to the witch hut. "Alright let's go", I thought to myself I hope my grandpa knows we're coming. About an hour later we finally reached an open Field, but we couldn't see a witch hut, all we saw was green grass. "This map was all wrong" I said. "Let's leave" I said, I started walking back and suddenly "thud" "ow" "did I just run into a tree". I looked up and there was a big witch hut. I slowly climbed up the stairs and entered the hut. I heard a weird sound "mmmmmmmmm", I looked up and I saw my grandpa hanging from the ceiling, I jumped up, and grabbed the rope and cut him loose, I took the duck tape of his face and, he said to be very quite so the witch doesn't wake up or else he will take all of us. So we all quietly escaped, and started to follow the path back to there little house to live happily ever after.