Yoga Poses' Effect on the Body

By Sara Mitschke and Yuki Nakanishi

Does doing yoga with others make it stressful?

Rachel Stroud is a great example of yoga studios being stressful. She said, "Instead of relaxing in class, I was worried what the teachers and other students thought of me, or whether they noticed if I fell out of a posture or sat one out." Eventually, she realized that's not what yoga is about. She begun to do yoga and home, and she found a way to use yoga to relax and "connect to her inner-self."

Why yoga helps relieve stress-

Yoga relieves stress because it helps you relax your body, mind, and breath. Doing yoga poses is also good exercise, and it loosens the tension in some of the muscles.

Yoga can hurt the body too!

You should only do yoga if you are in good physical condition. Otherwise you could get easily hurt. Doing yoga with a group of people doesn't work well because some people have certain problems that others don't. Some yoga teachers push people too hard.

The people from India who used to do yoga normally sat squatted or cross-legged all day. For them, yoga was an outgrowth of those poses. Now, people who sit in office chairs all day strain themselves to so poses that require more flexibility than they have.

Glenn Black, a 4 year yoga teacher, says not to do yoga after major traumas because you can just injure yourself more.

One college student sat in the vajrasana pose (sitting upright on your heels in a kneeling position) for hours everyday. He began to have trouble running because nerves that run below the knee were being deprived of oxygen. After he stopped doing yoga, his condition greatly improved. Some people have dome yoga poses that hurt their ability to walk and they never fully repair, but this is really rare.

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