Anthology poem project

Elizabeth Velarde

"Where I'm From'

I am from a pencil, from Paper mate.

I am from the quite sound of home.

I am from the gentian sage, the blue which stands out.

I am from Christmas on the 24th and the tragic of Claudia.

I am from awakening of loud mouth and gossip.

from "monsters under my bed" to santa.

I am from Baptist.

I'm from California, quesadilla and burritos.

From the death of my aunt, the memories from the beach.

I am from the wall of photographs.

Narrative Poem

Different from the rest, was the girl who was known for wearing black.

convincing herself that something was wrong,

trying to conceal her real self.

After she left her bad times,

She found new people who were just like her.

who cared,

not alone.

She was able to share her interest,

her opinions,

it all made her happy.

Now, there was no need to conceal.


Last March,

I received a new puppy.

boxer, dark brown.

had a striped pattern like a tigers.

As I enter my house, she knocks the wind

out of me by running so fast.

I always notice her outside chewing on

her toys as the grass around her would

tickle her nose causing her to sneeze.

through out the years,

little small tiger turned into a lion.

no longer petit, but grand.

Already had her first birthday

and still hyper as ever.

always having that gorgeous pattern,

seeing her eyes bring light in mine.

she is my princess Kiara

love of animals

with many animals out there

some can be loved, some can be slapped

for one to be loved is awfully rare

it might make them feel trapped.

although some can misbehave

I say giving them proper care

will make you brave

and no longer give you a scare.

saddening that a lot get harmed

it should be the other way around

to make them feel charmed

and not feel drowned.

with something to think about

hopefully you'll change your route.