Move Those Feet

Gabe Glunt


Have you ever gone to a friends house and all you do is play inside? I know I have and I want to do something about it! So many kids don't play sports, I think kids should play sports. This is my stand for why kids should play sports.

A whopping 31% of kids are obese in America ( Game on, 2010 ). The other kids which is about 65% are playing in youth sports. The reason most of the 31% are not playing sports because their afraid of breaking bones. There's one thing that scientists have done, they've proven that if you play more than one sport you won't break bones as easily ( Game on, 2010 ). Parents are a reason for why so many kids don't play sports. Parents say that sports are dangerous. Yes, some sports are dangerous like football or hockey. When parents say that sports are dangerous it's most likely because kids break bones. That's only because those kids only play one sport

Although 44 million kids play youth sports ( Game on, 2010 ), the injures are what stops a athlete from playing sports for awhile. Sports are fun but some times you get hurt and you can't do anything about it. Take this for instance, imagine your a hockey player and a big defense man takes a bone shattering 108.5mph slap shot and... BAM! The puck hits you right in the mouth. That's not all thought, you hit your head and get a concussion and a broken bone.Almost every athlete has got hurt ( Pllaying one sport, 2012 ). Every body gets hurt at some point, it's just life. It happens.

Kids have fun in sports. I have fun in sports, I'm a kid too. Friends, believe it or not, help kids lose weight, here's how. When kids make friends, they will ,they want to see their friend more then they play the sort more.


Since a hole lot of kids don't play sports, and a lot are obese, sports should be played a lot more. Kids that play sports lose weight, make friends and have fun! So kids grab a hockey stick, tennis racket and baseballs too. Go out side and play!


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