What happened?

Over the summer I competed on my year round swim team as always. I got to go to many places with the team for events and meets. I always think about my speed and how to get a certain speed and technique, but I never thought that the whole thing has to deal with science! The way my body moves affects my speed and technique, and cause and affect for movement are big parts of science!

Most interesting part!

The most interesting part of my "sciencey" summer swimming was either when I met Kara Lynn Joyce (olympian) and Mike Alekandrov (olympian), or when I went to Rock Island/Iowa for my Regional swim meet. I think it is super interesting that I met two olympic swimmers because one is a freestyler and the other is a breastroker, and I'm a freestyler and a breastroker! I loved meeting them because they coached us for a practice and then we got their autographs. We learned some of their training skills, too.

I liked going to Rock Island for regionals because going to Regionals is really exciting and you get to spend a lot of time doing things with your whole team, like going to the mall, or swimming in one of the hotels together, and thats really fun! I also liked being there because my dad bought me a new limited edition Nike kneeskin (a tech suit that goes from your neck to your knees, and it makes you go really fast). I was and still am so thankful for that because I was really tired of using my old fastskin (a tech suit that goes from your neck to your regular swimsuit line and makes you go a lot faster but not as fast as a kneeskin) and that was such a nice thing of him to do. I loved Rock Island so much because, although , yes, it is very small, there's a lot to do there. I even got to go to the American Pickers store! My swimming this summer was pretty fun!

About Me!!

I'm pretty self-explanatory, but I should say, I do get stressed if I get a problem wrong because I do not have much time to do homework after school because every day I have one and one half to three hours of swimming practice so I try to do my best at schoolwork (which I do). I just do not like getting things wrong. I usually think too much on questions, so I love thinking questions. I also tend to be very tired before 1:00 pm, so I might yawn a lot, but not because I am bored! :)