ESM's Work Experience Program

Mrs. Harvey's Class - Vol. 1 October 2015

New Job Sites Added to Our Growing Program!

This year our Work Experience Program (WEP) continues to grow! The newest job sites added this year are the Riverhead Holiday Inn Express, retail store Five Below in Riverhead, Marshall's in Shirley, as well as ESM's District Office and Dayton Avenue School. These learning experiences will provide students with job skills in housekeeping, data entry, retail stock and clerical skills. All of these locations have a high quality of professionalism and I am excited that our students will have opportunities to train with these professionals!

Working in Electronics/Video Game Field

Some students have expressed an interest in working in the electronics/video game departments of retail stores. Currently, we do not offer a placement in this area; however I am always looking for opportunities for students. The difficulty in securing placements in some areas are due to restrictions including minimum age requirements. I want to assure students and families that I will continue to seek opportunities in this area.

An Interesting Thought About the Work Experience Program

Yes, the Work Experience Program tries to match students with work experience related to their interests and abilities relating to a specific job skill, but it is important to keep in mind that students are learning something else that is even more valuable in the long run. All work experience placements teach students soft skills, and every employer is looking for soft skills. What are soft skills? These skills include teamwork, communication, flexibility, problem solving, time management, positivity, self-motivation and work ethic. Many employers rank these skills above technical aptitude! We always encourage students to think beyond the basic skills and to truly discover all the benefits that the work experience program can offer!