Mac Barnett

Visiting Prairie Trail on April 27,2015

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Sam And Dave Dig A Hole

Sam and Dave dig a hole is about two kids named Sam and Dave and they are going to dig as hole trying to find treasure and they get close and they go a different direction.

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Sam and Dave Dig a Hole - Official Book Trailer

Mac Barnett's website

This is Mac Barnett's website.


Telephone is about a bird who tells a different bird to tell her son to come home and they are all thinking of something different and tell each other the wrong thing.
Telephone By Mac Barnett Illustrated by Jen Corace

Mac's new book!

Mac Barnett is coming out with a new book called The Skunk it is about a skunk who is stalking a man and every place he goes the skunk fallows him. What will he do to stop the skunk from stalking him?
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Battle bunny

This book is about a bunny who wakes up on his birth day and he turns evil. He destroys every thing and calls people names. Will he turn nice and friendly again?
Battle Bunny Book Trailer