By: Sabarish Ramakrishnan


An error is when a fielder misses a ball that lets a the batter advance one base.

Back Stop

The back stop is behind the catcher who is behind the batters area who is behind the home plate.


A slow pitch that does not spin no matter what.

Pinch Hitter

A substitute baseball hitter.

Hit for the Cycle

When someone hits a single, a double, a triple, and a home run in one game.


When the pitcher throws four balls to the batter, the batter gets to walk to first base automaticly.

Postion Player

Any player but the pitcher.

Pitch Around

When the pitcher throw the ball away from the home plate and can cause a walk.

Scoring Position

When a player is on 2nd or 3rd base and is in position to score a home run.

Pinch Runner

A substitute base runner.