Vaile Mansion

"A 31-room Victorian mansion in Independence, MO"

What would I see or experience if I decided to visit the Vaile Mansion?

If you visited the Vaile Mansion you'd be greeted with a Victorian masterpiece with a large inspiration of Italianate and Gothic once you step inside its vestibule doors. Every detail inside screams Victorian elegance, and a homely feel accompanying it.

How has this mansion been maintained and restored?

The mansion has been restored and is well maintained by restoration crews commonly checking on the condition of the large building. Though the mansion has been restored, it still holds many of it's original pieces, like the Italian-marble fireplaces and mantels, and many of the restored things such as some of the tiling are pure replicas of what the original mansion piece was.

Here are some peeks at the inside and outside of this Historic Mansion,

Fact! The Vaile Mansion was built in 1881 by Colonial Harvey Vaile and his wife,

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How much does it cost to visit and when can I visit the Vaile Mansion?

Well, the Vaile Mansion is open from April through October and once again around the Holiday Season (Christmas). On Mondays-Saturdays 10 am to 4 pm are the times for visit and on Sundays 1 pm to 4 pm. It's $6.00 for an adult and $3.00 for children/students. There is also a seniors discount of $5.00 admission.

Here's a fun and spooky fact about the Vaile Mansion~

Some people believe the house is haunted, and though there has been no evidence of any sort of 'supernatural' occurrence, it is speculated.

Vaile Mansion

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Here's an interesting thing to know!

In 1882, the Kansas City Times called the Vaile Mansion "the most princely house and the most comfortable home in the midwest." This house sure has been an elegant site for a long time!

FACT! Did you know that the Vaile Mansion even hosts weddings?

My mothers best friend, Christy, was married there!