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Say Hello to the New Program at your Favorite Gym!

Time to Get Our Yoga On!!

As many of you have witnessed, Primal Athletics has undergone some pretty extraordinary changes since its inception in August 2015. In just these few short months, we've added some beautiful new pieces of equipment, like the adult monkey bar installation and everyone's favorite red-capped Spartan Pegboard!

But beyond the great new toys around our fitness area, the biggest change we've made is our brand new SpinFusion spot! We've extended the turf all the way to the garage door, and are now able to offer Spin Fusion classes, promoting strength and endurance as members make their way on and off their bikes and on to the turf for some added toughness.

So now that the spin bikes are out of the "old" studio in the back corner of our gym, what to do with all this open space? We thought you'd never ask! Allow us to proudly introduce our next biggest endeavor, The Primal Wellness Room! This space will be for the personal fitness counterpart- Restoration! Intentful breathing and stretching are a way of relieving stress and allowing the body to repair from all the hard work of intense training. Benefits of restorative stretching include improved circulation, balance, and memory, better movement and stronger muscles with a reduced risk of injury, and promotes relaxation and a clearer, calmer mind. We are so grateful to have so many incredible people on board to share their talents help to broaden our athleticism. These yogis have a true passion for helping others, and are just as excited as we are to have them! So let's meet them!

Upcoming Events

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Practical Application of Essential Oils Class!

Join Certified Holistic Health Coach & Essential Oil Specialist Monique Edgar as she takes us through a journey of better living with the assistance truly pure, certified beyond organic, all-natural Essential Oils! The use of aromatherapy and clinical application of EOs goes back thousands of years, and began to make a come-back in the age of modern medicine over the last 40 or so years. It's traditional uses have been proven effective with modern day science, and many people are finding relief from today's obstacles with these incredible gifts of the Earth. Come get your hands on them and sample more than 10 of the most popular and commonly used oils this incredible company has to offer!

FREE to Primal Athletics Members! Treatments, samples, and give-aways!

**Next class TUESDAY OCT 11TH, 7pm @ Primal Athletics!

Stay Tuned For The Next YOGASPORT(tm) Classes!

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Anhu YogaSport(tm) Classes!

Susie is one of only 10 YOGASPORT(tm) instructors in New York, and the only one in Suffolk County!

This is a high intensity, yoga-infused hybrid program for strength, flexibility and cardio; in perfect balance. Yogasport(tm) is a great way to transition from traditional fitness classes into the world of yoga. Perfect for those with even basic familiarity of some yoga poses, and are looking for a good fitness class! See the official Ahnu YOGASPORT(tm) website here!

Just $15 per person! Space limited to the first 12 people!

Stay tuned for upcoming Yogasport(tm) Classes this Fall!

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Meet Our Incredible Wellness Room Teachers!!


SURPRISE! Many of you already know our incredible Fearless Flow yoga teacher, Stacey Weisberg! She's been a member of our facility for years, and has recently expanded her knowledge of physical fitness to include the art of yoga. Stacey is happy to be sharing her experience in transforming from bad-ass gym athlete, to balanced and strong-minded yogi!

Monique (Mo!)

As part owner of Primal Wellness, Monique has inspired many of our athletes to check out the restoring and revitalizing benefits of a yoga experience. Her deep stretch classes have helped bridge the balance of fitness at Primal Athletics to the mind & body healing of Primal Wellness. A long time dancer, gymnast and cheerleader, Monique has coached competitive high school athletes to achieve their highest potential and excel not only in their sport, but to carry those skills into their daily lives. Monique is an essential oil expert, and will be hosting our brand new Practical Application of Essential Oils classes!! Join her Tuesday Evenings, and Wednesday, Thursday and Friday mornings for a great start to your day!


8:30am Stretch & Restore


Susie has an enormous repertoire of yogic practices, including ashtanga, chair yoga, and her latest certification in Ahnu YogaSport(tm)! Check out the Primal Wellness Schedule for more details on when these specialty classes will be held! Susie teaches all over the island, and we're grateful to have her here with us at Primal Wellness! Hang with Susie every week at her Stretch & Restore Classes after Boxing on Fridays and Sundays.

*Stay tuned for new YOGASPORT classes!

Class Descriptions

Come Join us!

We hope you take the time to check out our incredible new classes included in your membership! If you've ever been interested in checking out with this whole yoga thing is all about, this is the perfect opportunity to give it a go! Here at Primal Athletics, we have a whole crew of incredible athletes that are always looking for new ways to push themselves, and we're proud to offer a TRUE wellness program to you all- So let's do it together!

About Us

The Wellness Room was created by Pete Schwarting, Mike Hanley and Monique Edgar with the idea to bring more balance into the lives of the members of the Primal Athletics Family. Noticing the sub-par yoga programs most gyms offer, we wanted to create a practical and convenient way for Primal Athletics members to experience the full health and wellness benefits without having to go too far ;)