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February 8-12, 2016


Unfortunately, since Christmas the percentage of reading logs being turned in by our class has declined. Here are some reminders about reading log procedures.

1) Reading logs are given on Mondays with the homework packet for the week and can be turned in on Friday. They are due on Monday morning. Even if I don't assign homework for the week, they will ALWAYS have a reading log unless I send an email otherwise. If for whatever reason your child has misplaced their reading log, please ask me for another or submit the reading log online.

2) Reading logs may be submitted online at the link below. If you choose to submit your child's reading log online, please email me before 8:15am on Monday. This is when I take a tally of which students are missing reading logs and award dojo points.

3) Your child earns individual recognition at the end of the year for turning in their reading log every week. Our class also gets recognized on the announcements for having all of our reading logs turned in. Our kids love being recognized on the announcements.

Please continue to make sure all reading logs are accounted for on Monday morning. Thank you.

Valentine's Day Clarification

Our class is celebrating Valentine's Day on THIS Friday, February 12. As we are only allowed two class parties per school year, we will not have a class "party", but our students will exchange valentines and treats in class. I will provide bags for students to decorate for their valentines.

If you are sending valentines, please send in enough for all of our students. We have 25 students in our class. You should have received our class list in your child's Friday Folder. If you need another copy, please email me and I will send it to you. Although it is optional, I put Ms. Rhea's second graders on our class list. There are five second graders from her class that join us for lunch, specials, and science and social studies. Again, if you are planning to include those 5 students, make sure that you include ALL 5.

What We're Learning This Week

Reading-Close Readng

Word Study- --ie and -eigh words

Fry Words: chief, eight, field, piece, weight

Suggested Study Words: chief, thief, belief, yield, shield, sleigh

Math- Telling time to the nearest 5 minutes; Knowing the difference between AM and PM

Science - Sun's position and shadows; Ways the earth moves (rotating and revolving)

Writing- publishing

Family and Friends Lunch

You are invited to join us for our annual Family and Friends lunch on Wednesday, February 17 at 10:30am-11am. Please plan for someone special to attend to eat lunch with your child on that day.

Due to the Family and Friends lunch day for other grade levels, our lunch time will be affected on February 10. Please do not plan to eat with your child on that day as we will be following our early release lunch schedule and eating in the room. Thank you!

Please sign up for your conference THIS WEEK!

I will send reminders to individual parents that have not signed up for a conference in your child's Friday Folder this week. If you have not signed up by Monday, February 15, I will assign a time for you. Please email me if you are having trouble signing up for a conference time.
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Specials Schedule

Monday 2/8: Math

Tuesday 2/9: Math

Wednesday 2/10: Music

Thursday 2/11: Music

Friday 2/12: Music

Monday 2/15: NO SCHOOL (President's Day)

Tuesday 2/16: Science

Wednesday 2/17: Science

Thursday 2/18: Science

Friday 2/19: P.E.

About Ms. Bettler

This is my second year at Gwin Oaks - and I LOVE it here! I am so greatful to be part of such a wonderful community.

My family means the world to me. We are all very close. We love going to Disney World - my brother and I are huge roller coaster junkies and nostalgic 20-somethings. We also love playing with our bichon frise puppy, Sophie. She is such a trouble maker! In June 2016 I'll add on an extension to the family when I marry my fiancee, David!

Music is a very important part of my life. I have been playing piano since I was six years old. I have also been involved in some sort of choir or band since fifth grade.

As a teacher, my goal is to make sure that students know how valuable they are! It's not about if a child is smart, but HOW a child is smart. I strive to help each child see their own potential to make a difference in this world and give them the tools to succeed.