Tech It Out! 4/4/16

This Week: Boomerang for Gmail

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Lincoln Tech Updates

PARCC has gone pretty smoothly so far today - fingers crossed that continues to be the case!

PARCC practice links, as well as updated ELA/math online tools videos, are located on Lincoln's website at Student Start > Tech Help > PARCC. A "PARCC Resources" shortcut is also at the top of the Student Start page.

Boomerang: Scheduled Sending & Email Reminders

One cool tool Lincoln teachers heard about at the ICE Conference is Boomerang! Have you ever wanted to write an email NOW but send it LATER? Boomerang works with Gmail to let you schedule messages to send later. You can also request email reminders so you don't forget about important messages.

The free version does limit you to 10 scheduled messages per month, but what a powerful tool for coaches, club sponsors, or even teachers who are up late but don't want to send an email at midnight. Try it out today!

How to Send Later with Boomerang for Gmail
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