Ms. Craig and Mrs. King's Class

News for the Week of May 2nd

What is going on in class?

In social studies, students will be having an Urbanization and Industrialization test on Thursday, May 5th. An orange review will be coming home today for that.

In reading class, students are merging reading and science skills by continuing their animal research, which will culminate into an animal newspaper project.

In IE this week for all classes and in science class, we are reviewing concepts for the Science STAAR test, which will be on May 11th, next Wednesday. These concepts include things such as cycles, physical properties of a substance, changing states of matter, slow and rapid changes on Earth's surface, and much more! Students are really working hard to prepare, remember and apply their science vocabulary and skills.

In math, we are continuing the Financial Literacy project called Life's Little Surprises. As students budget, prepare grocery lists, and select housing and cars appropriate for their net income, they have been asking, "Do adults really have to think about this kind of stuff every month?" The answer is yes! It is awesome to see them realize that budgeting and recognizing how to spend your net earnings is important stuff for life!

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Our Schedule

5/5 Urbanization and Industrialization Test/ PTA Meeting/Choir Concert 6:30pm

5/11 Science STAAR Test

5/20 Field Day

6/2 5th Grade Graduation 5:30pm

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Students experienced long lines in our Ellis Island simulation!