Walt Whitman Elementary

Weekly Communicator 9/7/2015 to 9/11/2015 2015


  • All grades met the attendance goal last week!
  • 6th grade had 98.6% attendance rate last week!
  • Everyone completed their SRI and SMI testing!
  • Mr. Burke did not write the 1st 6th grade referral!!!


1. Ms. Blakney and I will be out of the building on September 10th and 11th to attend the Leadership Development Day. Mrs. Chilcoat is the teacher in charge if you need anything.

2. The MAP/MPG testing window opens on September 8th. Mrs. Cox will send out a testing schedule.

3. Sunday, September 13th is the Asbury Day of Service at Whitman from 1:00-5:00.

4. The 4th grade Any Given Child is on Friday, September 11th.

5. Monday, September 14th is our Planting Day for our garden.

6. The library will be closed on Thursday only. Mrs. Cowan will be attending a training.

7. We have scheduled our Open House on Tuesday, September 15th from 4 to 6 pm. We changed the time so that parents would have the opportunity to attend the Strategic Planning session at McLain that same night from 6-7:30.

7. We will not have a staff meeting this week.

8. Ms. S. Johnson will be out of the building part of the day on Thursday, Sept. 10th.

9. Mrs. Bailey will be out of the building on Wednesday, Sept. 9th.

10. Staff members that volunteered to conduct Culture Walk-throughs, please be sure to complete these by Friday, Sept. 11th.

Big Goal

By May 2016, all Whitman students will increase reading and math proficiency by 10% as measured by MAP/MPG, SRI or SMI.