Earth Day

Learn How to Have A Green Thumb!

Our Everyday Non-Green Thumb Life

Our everyday life is disappointing. We throw away tons of food that we didn't finish. We throw away plastic water bottles, sometimes with water still in them! We also use so many plastic things, way too many plastic things. And lastly, we use a lot of plastic the kitchen like plastic silverware and foam plates. We need to stop this to help the environment!

How TO have a green thumb

Only make as much as you are going to eat, if you make too much the save the rest for later. Don't throw any left over food away! Don't throw plastic water bottles away either. In fact, you shouldn't even be buying them, go get a water bottle (non-plastic) or go to a water fountain. Buy a reusable bag in a local grocery store for $1 or less, it will save a lot of plastic bags. And of course, use reusable things in the kitchen. Don't use plastic utensils unless completely necessary.