The Suitcase!

An iSmart product.

Our suitcase is the best!

Imagine a suitcase so strong that it's the strongest one in the market. Imagine a suitcase that would never succumb to the wear and tear of traveling. Imagine a suitcase that could withstand the tests of time... and the tests of fire.

Introducing our suitcase. A suitcase not like any other.

Behind the Suitcase

Our fabric for our suitcase is cubes fiber fabric. It's right now one of the most strongest and lightest material on the market. Added bonus: it's fireproof AND waterproof. Currently being used by extreme outdoors people, this material is almost indestructible. The fabric is thin, smooth, and supple. It doesn't break open with heat or flame, is developed with cuben fiber, and is extremely strong and lightweight.

The Future, and Beyond!

In the future, we hope to switch to another material for our suitcases- graphene. It's strong, yet flexible and thing. Today, it would cost millions, maybe billions of dollars to even make a sheet of graphene. However, scientists are working on making graphene a material that everyone can use for generations after.
When you are planning to travel, it's time to act. So come to us, because we hold the key to frustration-free luggage. Combined with our lifetime warranty, you'll get one thing you can't pay for: Trust!

The End.