JFK's Assassination

By: Joshua Arendse

JFK's Assassination

Abraham Zapruder decided to film the Kennedy motorcade. Little did anyone know that he would film one of America's most tragic event.John F. Kennedy,his family,and his associates landed in Dallas on November 22nd,1963, where later he was assassinated while riding in a motorcade. John F. Kennedy's death was uncalled for and shocked the nation.

All of a sudden,a shot came. When that happened,Jean Hill was the closest witness to the car when John F Kennedy was shot. But the weird thing was that the car stopped after the first shot. But on the 3rd shot,the car sped up to rush to the Parkland Hospital. After that,Secret Service said the drivers should be trained first,for future presidents safety.

It turns out John was shot in the head and left shoulder. But not all the bullets hit John F. Kennedy. The 1st bullet hit John,and the 3rd bullet hit John. But what about the 2nd one? Turns out that the 2nd bullet hit John Connally in the back. So that's 3 bullets. But there was 4 bullets shot. The truth is,only 3 bullets hit person,the 4th bullet missed the car completely.

Before/After the Shooting

Ed Hoffman,a officer,was on Stemmons Expressway in Dallas when he saw a man with a rifle moments after the shooting. Ed Hoffman said the 1st guy was dressed in a dark suit and tie. The 2nd man was dressed like a railroad man. Someone else,known as Helen Markham,identified Oswald in a police lineup. Now officers were starting to figure out something.

Time for an Answer

Fritz,an officer,was the one who interrogated Oswald for a total of 12 hours between 2:30 pm on Friday,November 22nd,1963 and 11:15 am on Sunday,November 24th,1963. But during those 12 hours,Oswald never confessed but Fritz could see Oswald's guilt. So Fritz charged Oswald of the murder of the president.Oswald denied it and called it patsy. But then police found Oswald's fingerprint on the rifle they found earlier that day. The name of that rifle was called Mannlicher-Carcona.

Jail Time

On 24th November,1963,Jesse County transferred Oswald to the county jail. After Oswald was put in jail,Jack Ruby killed Oswald. Jack Ruby said he "couldn't bear the idea of the presidents widow being subjected to testifying at the trial of Oswald." He later confessed and said his lawyer,Tom Howard,put him up to it. On March 14th,1964,police sentenced Jack to death but was later overturned. Jack Ruby died of cancer on the 3rd of January,1967 while waiting for a new trial.

After Math of JFK's Death

It was reported to have been the longest uninterrupted news event in TV history until the 9/11 attacks. After JFK's death,Americans lacked trust and confidence in their own federal government. After his death,Lyndon B. Johnson became president on a plane. Our nation watched in sadness as our presidents funeral unfolded and became another part of America's history. I think our nation shouldn't go through another moment like that again, ever.


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