Freedom Night

(Britain Not Invited)

Our Country is Here

After all the peaceful marches, boycotts, and protests we have finally gained the right of our own country. India has become our own place with no mask murders or taxes from Britain. We want to you to come and celebrate. Wherever you are in the world, help us have a social mark with India Independence. (also look below for what to bring and R.S.V.P.

India's Freedom

Friday, Aug. 15th 1947 at 9pm

Goa, India


A very active city in India great for parties and large events, in which in our case we need. Bring your family and friends and enjoy India.


Please let us know your coming by R.S.V.Ping to Manhadtes Gandhi, but surely everyone is invited but Britain




What to Bring

You should bring you whole family, some money , a camera, a translator, and exitment