Chris Jacobson


In the movie Rudy, he perseveres through tough situations and never gives up when times get tough or when people say he cant do certain things. He always keeps trying during the tough situations. He does this because he wants to impress his family when they all say that he cant do things or go to Notre Dame. When he does all of this and gets good grades he finally gets into the school and gets onto the football team. He even gets to play in the last game of the season. All of this ties back to how he never gives up during the season and throughout his life and how he perseveres.

Garbage dream

A girl in Austin Texas vowed to get some of the garbage that had been thrown out to be recycled. She made it her goal to get certain garbage in Austin Texas to be recycled. The mayor wouldn't listen to her because she was too young and the people who would answer her calls would say to put an adult on or try to call when she is older and that was a problem for her. Instead of giving up she kept calling instead of giving up and eventually the mayor said that he would start to do it. Finally after 1 month of trying it. The city was finally recycling.

Jackie Robinson

Jackie Robinson was considered to be one of the best baseball players ever and he broke baseballs color barrier for when players aren't allowed to play because they are black. Jackie Robinson was considered to be a great player so the Brooklyn Dodgers manager decided to change the rules of whites only being able to play baseball. Jackie had to deal with all of these racial slurs and insults while trying to make a statement about racial inequality. Eventually after showing that blacks were no different that whites and showed that he could play as good as other players.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt had to persevere through her lifetime almost from when she was born. When she was born her mother wanted another boy but got a girl and at that point she was disregarded, later in her life she had to deal with her family members dying from diseases and she had to eventually live with her aunt after her favorite person, her father, left to go to an alcoholics class and never returned but eventually she became a famous leader and lived her life to the fullest.