Travel to pronoun state today!

Located right next to Oregon!

Our state is the best of them all! (Possesive)

Come to the capital, pronoun town! They have many restaurants like Bob's beautiful burgers! The beautiful burgers will melt your mouth one tastebud at a time! After all the restaurant have won the possesive burger award 10 years straight! Did I mention the shops in pronoun town! Formality family has the best fancy clothing for your family and friends! The mayor, Elyse Bangs is a wonderful woman who is helping your capitol every day!

Our awesome county's,villages, and cities!

Come to antecedent mall!

Antecedent mall is the biggest mall in America, it has 250 different stores including...

- Brianna's French bread

- Juan's sombrero store

- Averi's wedding dress store

- Mrs. Sues Turkish bakes

Indefinite dessert party!

Friday, Feb. 5th, 8-10pm

Pronoun town

Come on down to pronoun town and eat some delicious desserts! You will have some food from pronoun bakery and a lot of water. The dj will be playing lots of song and you will laugh a ton!

Come to the compound zoo!

The animals at pronoun zoo can feed themselves!

Watch the sea lion flip herself around in the air repeatedly, then watch the zoo keeper laugh at the cute sea lion. Next, you can watch bob the fish swim himself around the tank repeatedly! Come to the zoo to see all of the beautiful animals!

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Objective college

Come to pronoun's state best college, objective college!

I the govenor of pronoun state, have interviewed some of the students!

I first interviewed Tommy Blob his response was, "this school helped me get my life back together."

Then I interviewed Regina Mighty her response was, " this is a school where all students should learn!"

Lastly I talked to a professor Mr. Bobble his response was, "all of the boys and girls are great and will go on to be great adults!"

Subjective football team!

Pronoun state has the honor of owning the subjective NFL team! They have won 25 superbowls and they get interviewed a lot. The team answers, things like..

Pronoun man is really fast, he can run 10 mph!

The quarter back is very strong, he can lift weights up to 50 pounds!

The cook makes awesome food, she deserves an award!

The girl that fixes the jerseys is really good at that, she has fixed my jersey a lot!

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Interrogative prison

All severe crimes committed will have the criminal in the interrogative prison! They will be asked questions like...

What were you doing last night?

Do you know where he is?

What did you do to him?

Why would you do that?

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