Career Goals

By: Emma Nolan

Oncology Scientist

An Oncology Scientist makes a little over $82,240 per year. They typically get payed about $39.54 per hour. You do not need previous experience, or any on the job experience. There are over 107,000 jobs in this area. You need a Doctoral degree. The job outlook is 8%, the employment change is 9,000.

Elementary School Teacher

An Elementary School Teacher makes about $54,550 per year. In order to be a teacher you need your Bachelors degree. You need no prior experience, and you do need an internship at a school. There are over 1, 517, 400 jobs in this area. the job outlook is 6%, and the employment change is 87,800.


The average author makes about $60,250 per year. I'm gonna say that they make about $28.97 per hour. You need your Bachelors degree. No prior exprerience, and moderate job training. Number of jobs available is about 136,000, and job outlook is 2%. The employment change is 3,100.