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In here, you'll be learning about my life including science!

Introduction to science 6

Intro of me😎

Hello! My name is Danny, and this is my s'more! I am in middle school, Pioneer, and is friends with many other people. Aarfan is one of my friends, and he is very athletic. Also, I am with Aidan Lu, he is right next to me doing this assignment we don't even want to do and he also trolls me a lot, all the time. Anyway, one of my favorite hobbies is reading books and of corse playing video games! Hope you enjoy looking at my s'more!
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Intro to science 6!

In my science class, we started out cleaning out our binders. Then we started learning about the pufferfish and then started actual science expected assignments. For example, we did parts about microscope labs and mapping labs. Every day we would copy a question off the smartboard and answer it on our journals

my favorite science lab

my most favorite science lab is the microscope science lab (above). I liked this because it was more interactive and we could look at zoomed in 40x, 100x, and 400x magnification. in this lab, we looked at salt, butterfly wings, bee legs, and much more interesting things!